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Welcome to <Across the Universe>! No seriously... welcome, you need a little bit of normality if you joined us because these people are fucked up. O_o

Run now.
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Running of the Bulls rules and prizes!

akwila3737, Feb 16, 10 9:20 AM.

-You must reach each check point alive, and without ports.
-You may not use Carbonite or any other addon with a tracking device. We will be watching!
-Upon finding the DK at the check point, you must whisper them and they must have a visual check on you.
-In the event two or more people arrive at the final destination the first to whisper the DK will be the winner. Visual check must pass on both players.
-You may team up with any other player but there can only be one winner per prize bracket
-You do not have to be lv1 upon arrival to the end checkpoint or to win any prize.


Secret Grand Prize: ??? (win it to find out!)
1st prize: 5sec unlimited access to valuables tab. (You may take items purely to sell or for you to use later)
2nd prize: To be determined
3rd prize: To be determined


Make a lv1 Tauren (any class) on the Trollbane server. Meet in Bloodhoof Village and wait for the race to begin. The guild Officers have made DKs on Trollbane and will be stationed at the checkpoints. You will get a clue to the next check point from the DKs. These clues may either be riddles, a play on words or references from Warcraft lore, but easy enough to figure out with some thought (for example the clue to go to  Bloodhoof Village might be "Go swiftly to the village of red feet"). Race to each check point and follow the clues to the end. There will be a total of 6 checkpoints (excluding Bloodhoof where we will start). The method in which the secret prize will be revealed has yet to be determined. All players will have an equal shot at the prize even if they did not place to win a prize.

If you have any suggestions as far as prizes, please send Razeil, Mournheart or Myuki an in game message with your idea.

Running of the Bulls!

Drezkal, Feb 12, 10 4:46 PM.
So, the Running of the Bulls is in two weeks, our first event as a guild!  WOOT~! Be sure to acknowledge the invite in the guild calendar thats located on your minimap in-game. All information that will be needed to know will be handed out that day. There will be prizes handed out to winners! :D


akwila3737, Jan 31, 10 10:09 AM.
You have to apply online and Mourn/Amahzia will aprove you to upload. Yay!

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

akwila3737, Jan 29, 10 10:55 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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